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:sniff: I love you guys.

Good to hear some people disagreeing with Antipitas' argument that by default, armed 1A protests are somehow "wrong."

I've seen lots of events here in AZ that have been like that.

Frankly, if a man can't carry a pistol in a supposed pro-2A state at a peaceful rally that is in favor of political ideas that he believes in, and can't express that he believes strongly in those ideas (as some other men expressed 234 years ago on a certain Lexington green), then we've lost already.

Captain Parker never intended to start a fight that day. He mustered his men as a protest against Crown interference (well... he mustered his men because of the alarm system; the alarm system was kicked off because of a protest against Crown interference). Every single time that Crown and Colonial forces met up until the retreat back to Boston, the Crown shot first.

God forbid some peaceful rally of activists meets a group of state police or national guard with intentions to violently quell the protest (Ohio State?).

Your right to self defense is not waived when you exercise the 1A for its original purpose: political expression.
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