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In one sense, nothing could be more exemplary of responsible exercise of 2A rights than bearing the weapon and never, ever using it to threaten or make one's point with violence. This is where I part ways a little bit with Kostric.

The threatening content of his sign, combined with being armed, is entirely premature. We don't yet have any tyranny to resist; it is still a democracy, and we can still kick the bums out. There is much to do before and unless all peaceful options have been exercised. Our complacency and ignorance is more responsible for our having drifted so far from our founding principles than anything. Until we remedy that, we have no right to call for violent opposition, IMO.

But it is crucial that the right, and means to violent overthrow be retained overtly. Meanwhile, there it is, right there in the holster, the ultimate monument to self-governance, where it peaceably remains until needed to oppose a immediate violent threat. That, we should not have a problem with.

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