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Where we part ways, is where some of you think you can parade your rights in situations where doing so compromises the integrity of gun-rights in general.

Openly wearing a gun with a sign that specifically promotes a message of insurrection (one of my favorite Jeffersonian quotes, by the way) at a Presidential "Town Hall" meeting, does nothing to promote an image of responsible gun ownership, but does promote an image of gun-owners being kooks.

I think he was the poster boy for Responsible gun ownership, he obeyed the law, made a statement in a non-violent manner, and even rationally and calmly explained it to the drive-by media kooks.

As for the "what if" or the "now as a result" I would say that the next, time there should be 100 or 1000 folks show up and do what this man had the courage to do, and that is to remind everyone of what the second amendment is truly about. What is "irresponsible" is to profess to be a "responsible" gun owner, and activist, and "tuck tail" when you have a chance to use your rights for fear that if you do, they might be somehow restricted further. If that is the result, then perhaps Jefferson's statement should become a beacon.
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