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I see your point, and i raise you this. William Kostric offered that sometimes a point can be made that's intentionally outrageous, in order to pull folks from the opposite side a little to the middle. (paraphrasing). Antipitas makes the point that it drives public opinion away from our cause because it's too outrageous and foolhearty.

I think there may be a little of both. One thing is undeniable, the world got to see yesterday, perhaps for the first time, that a man with a gun, even at a presidential event, does not necessarily spell disaster. And with their chicken-little hand-wringing, calls for emergency injunctions, and Matthews referral to Kostric's "G.D. gun", that the media looked almost as ridiculous as the oddly demeanored William Kostric. And we are accustomed to the media looking ridiculous.

I think, on balance, this was a win. I do wish Kostric's sign had a more peaceful message. But there may be a lot of folks, even in the government who have somehow escaped hearing that Tom Jefferson quote. If it renews a healthy fear of watchful patriots, I'm not sure that given the rampant mischief underway in our gub'mint, that it is such a bad thing.

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