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Al Norris
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How do you all reconcile what you feel is the right way to interpret the laws and how it is handled in reality, today?

What Mr. Kostric did was legal. I think we all agree with that statement. But, was it smart?

Protesting is one thing. Armed protesting raises the stakes to a new level. Given the stakes, it was downright stupid. Foolhardy is another term that comes to mind.

These are just my observations and opinions. We can agree to disagree on that.

Where we part ways, is where some of you think you can parade your rights in situations where doing so compromises the integrity of gun-rights in general.

Openly wearing a gun with a sign that specifically promotes a message of insurrection (one of my favorite Jeffersonian quotes, by the way) at a Presidential "Town Hall" meeting, does nothing to promote an image of responsible gun ownership, but does promote an image of gun-owners being kooks.

That's the bottom line.
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