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David, the locator pins should definitely be lubricated with something. They recommend bullet lube but in my experience it will migrate to the cavities to interfere badly with fillout. Causes wrinkles in the boolits. Over on cast boolits . com, there's a guy that lives and works in Alaska. His business is called bullshop. He makes a lube that's called bullplate lube that's a high temp oil for use on locator pins and sprue plates. It doesn't oxidize, or migrate, so you can even use it on the underside of the sprue plate.

I use it for the mold handle pivots, the sprue plate hold down screw, and the locator pins. Take a look at his bio on his website. He lives 7 miles from his mailbox! And 30 miles from town. So give him a couple weeks to get your order to you.

As for the pin bushing walking out of the mold, you certainly could try staking it to hold it in. BUT be very careful to NOT cause the face of the mold to have a "high spot" which would prevent it from closing completely. I think if the pins and bushings are properly lubricated, they will stay put, at least mine do.
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