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Well, opinions are like noses and I imagine just about everyone has one. A nose I mean. Yeah, opinions too.
I haven't done any black bear hunting in years although I may do it later this year but I have killed Black bears with something as puny as a very hot loaded .38 Spl. handgun, (emergncy situation and that's what was available. I fact the only gun in camp.) to the 30-06. If I do decide to do a bear hunt I'll probably go with either the .358 Win. or .35 Whelen. If all I had was just a 30-30, I'd pick a load with a 175 gr. bullet and never look back. Of the three rifles mention, while a 742 ain't my cup of tea, a 30-06 with a decent 180 gr. bullet ain't nuthin' to sneeze at and if I shot it well, I'd go with that. We're not talking Brer Griz here.
Let's keep this simple. all will work just fine. Use the one you shoot best.
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