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I can't remember where I heard this or whether it's true, but I heard that black bears kill more people every year than grizzly or browns.
Each year in the USA and Canada
1 in 16,000 people commit murder
1 in 35,000 grizzly bears have killed a human
1 in 100,000 black bears have killed a human
(Source: US Department of Justice)

Unprovoked, predatory attacks by black bears are rare but highly publicized. Such attacks have accounted for all 23 deaths by noncaptive black bears across North America this century. Most occurred in remote areas where the bears had little or no previous contact with people, rather than in and around established campsites. The worst attack occurred in Ontario in 1978 when a black bear killed and partially consumed three teenagers who were fishing. Predatory attacks by black bears are usually done without bluster or warning. People involved in such attacks can improve their chances by fighting rather than playing dead. Deaths from such attacks average a little more than one every four years across the United States and Canada.

An adviser for Family Security Measures, he estimates some 2,158 murders are committed every year by illegal aliens in the United States.

From various sources I have read said 23 people in the U.S. were killed by black bear from 1900 to 1999, 1 to 3 people a year are killed by grizzlies in the U.S. and Canada, and 50 grizzlies are killed every year by hunters. From a defensive stance illegal aliens are more dangerous than black bears and grizzlies put together.

Great Grandpa used a 30-30, Grandpa used a 12 gauge and 00 buck, dad didn't hunt and I use a 32 Win Spcl that is older than I am. Friend of mine used a 44 mag from about 6' away when the bear he thought was dead stood up. 30-30 is fine, it will be more fun to carry in the woods and you will do more carrying than you will do shooting. Save the 7MM Rem mag for Africa or for long range shots at mountain goats. Just personal opinion but its a bit much for black bear and not enough for grizzly and the 30-06 is just a small step behind the 7
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