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Wagonman, not to argue but O'Hare is indeed considered to be within city limits.... it is connected to Chicago via a 200 foot wide strip of land that runs along Higgins road. This was done in the '50's to make sure the airport stayed completely within the city's control. So being anywhere within or on O'Hare property is subject to all the laws, rules, whatever no differently than if you were standing on the corner of State and Madison downtown.

Peetza... owning and whether or not it is in your possesion is definitely two different things... as has been said, No, you're not going to get a permit for one unless you are somehow, someway directly connected to the city's political elite, i.e., an alderman.

I am a Chicago resident and own several handguns, buy, sell, trade them all the time. I am fortunate enough (if you want to call it that) to have a family member that lives in the 'burbs so I keep them there. They have FOID cards and since possesion of firearms in said burb is not illegal all is well.

So, if I am flying out of here to visit say the bro-in-law in Florida and want to take a gun with me.... I can go pick it up, pack it in the bag but technically the minute I am on O'Hare property I am breaking the law... because I am now "in the city" and in possesion of an "unregistered" firearm. If there is indeed any law, state or federal that would negate that then I would really like to know. I would want it in writing, in triplicate and signed by every member of the department that says it's fine before I would even begin to attempt it.

Edited with afterthought: Just to clarify, we are talking about Chicago residents. Not people flying in an out of O'Hare that don't live here(city) or are not cops.
I am sure there are tons of people that do it all the time and there is no issues.

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