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Ok, here we go

From Left to Right:
Lee TL356-124-2R (124 grn Round Nose, .356"), Lee 358-148-WC (148 grn Wadcutter, .358"), Lee 358-158-RF (158 grn Round Flat Nose, .358"), Lyman 358429 (168 grn Kieth Style SemiWadcutter, .358"), Lee TL452-230-2R (230 grn Round Nose, .452"), Lee 452-200 SWC (200 grn SemmiWadcutter, .452"),
Lyman 245496 (for .243 Win) (83 grn Round Nose Loverin Design...Gas Checked, drops at .249", but should be closer to .247"...mine drops a little big, sized to .244")

Excellent addition on the lube!

My lube is Home made and consists of 60% Beeswax 40% Vasaline (by weight) plus 2 red crayons for color. Runs through a lubrisizer with no heat and could probably still run through it with 70% beeswax for a harder lube. Lee snot on the tumble lube style boolits (Lee Liquid Alox).


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