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Most important part of Hunting Bear

The first time I hunted for black bear (Last time also) I was using a twelve gauge shotgun (Three slugs) and had a .38 with two speed loaders. It was in Maine, Aroostock county, I believe.

I shot the bear and it headed for the tree I was sitting in. As the bear started climbing the tree, I shot it two more times. It kept coming. This bear looked like it was 800 pounds of pure mean. As it was RACING up the tree towards me, with fire in its eyes and drool dripping from its lips, I gently lowered the shotgun, said in a calming voice, "You better stop Mr. Bear!" The bear did not heed my warning so I pulled my .38 and emptied the revolver into the bear, aparently to no affect.
He kept coming, growling and obviously intent on doing me bodily harm. I ejected the empty rounds and pulled the first speed loader out. I did like the looks of those rounds so I dropped that and pulled the second speed loader, loaded the .38 again and proceeded to stop the bear with the final rounds. He fell from the tree and I calmly climbed down and made sure he would no longer pose a threat to myself or anyone else.

Now to hear others tell the story it goes something like this: They heard two shots from the shotgun and then heard a little girl screaming. Thinking someone was in trouble they ran to my location and witnessed me shoot the bear a third time with the shotgun. According to them, the bear was just a youngster that might have weighed 80 pounds and was barely moving, just clinging to the tree. Again, they claim I dropped the shotgun, all the while yelling "WALT!" (My hunting partner). They said my legs were sticking straight out and it was a lucky thing I was strapped to the tree, because I was leaning over, with the pistol between my legs shooting that bear and screaming like a little girl. They tell everyone I was shaking like a leaf in a Maine Nor' Easter while trying to reload and dropped the speed loader. After shooting the bear six more times it finally fell out of the tree. They said I jumped from the tree and ran to another one, yelling all the time to "Make sure that thing is dead!" (Now to their credit, they did admit that every round found it's mark. They insist it was just adrenaline that was fueling the bear and he was probably dead by my third shot, but clinging to the tree.)

My point in this is to make sure you pick the right hunting partners. I am sure the other rifles these guy recommended will work, but the biggest part of hunting is the hunting partner. You want one that will cover your butt and not spread vicious, untrue rumors about your hunting skills.
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