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If you want the biggest honking rifle on the block, there is the 338/378 WBY. This is a cartridge for reloaders or the idle rich, but it's a beast. Significantly more ME/MV than the 338 Lapua. I have seen one used on the shelf at Scheels, for about $1000. It was a braked Accumark I believe. Get one of these and you will definately have the baddest rod on the block. Once and a while, buyers let these go first, when in a bind, cause they aren't really practical. I have never fired one, but own and reload for 340WBY, 3oo WBY, 223, 44mag, 6.5x55. The regular Weatherbys are awesome, the 378 series are monsters! CAse capacity with some powders is 120gr+. With this series 30/378, 338/378,378,416, 460WBY's you almost have to reload, because the price of ammo is astronomical $120+ for 20 rounds. Not really practical, but is a Porsch practical? I wouldn't mind having either to play with, but it would be gross overkill for my kind of hunting, mule deer generally not over 150yds.
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