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I've seen this issue raised before and am a bit torn.

One one hand, owning and using a firearm should be none of the government's business ...

On the other hand, when I originally got my CHL, there was a woman in my class who brought a brand-new snubbie to class, it had NEVER even been fired and she had never shot a gun ... on the first shooting portion of the class, she flunked badly ... but rather than tell her to head for the range and practice, then come back, the instructor basically walked her through a retest of that portion and she passed, barely ... my point is that I hate the idea of that woman wandering around the street with a loaded gun in her purse ... I'm sure she's never fired another shot and still has no idea what she's doing ...

I don't object to testing and I don't object to requiring training for concealed carry for that reason. A gun is like a car; you need training and practice to operate it properly ... of course, JMHO..
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