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Although i can see the point of States like Indiana that require no training, VA is not too bad. Former military just have to show a discharge paper, free hunter safety courses, required for a hunting license qualify. I took a three hour course tonight that did include a little live fire, it qualifies, if you can convince the Clerk of the Court you are safe with a gun, by history of hunting or whatever, no formal training is required. As our instructor said, he tries his best but had a student come back the day after a course and shoot a hole in his shop's wall. I took my wife for just safety issues since we now have a gun and I wanted her to have a little formal training, but she can take the certificate down to the Court and file for the CPP if she wants. She liked shooting a Glock 19 (compact 9mm), I had a Glock 22 (0.40 S&W). Her first shot was right in the bulls-eye, inner ring. First time with a handgun, the rest were also better than mine.
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