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And I'll reiterate that any form of text does not belong in a photography contest. Do we agree this is a photo contest and not a lesson in gun recognition? No one needs to know what gun they are looking at to determine if the photo of it is good or bad.

And again I'll suggest that anyone who needs to know what they are looking at can simply send a PM to the gun owner and ask. If, at that point, you're swayed by his tale of receiving the firearm from his great-grandfather who, on his deathbed, swore the AR15 was given to him personally by the Hawaiian King Kamehameha, then, by all means, vote on it. (I happen to think that story is crap, but Gramps said it happened. He was old and dying so maybe he was also hallucinating. Besides, everyone knows Kamehameha preferred an XCR over an AR any day.)
I agree with the highlighted statement. If you find the photo interesting you can PM the gun owner and ask him. Not only will you get the make and model but you can probably get an interesting story and make a new friend; Something that captioned text isn't going to give you.

And while we are reiterating, I would once again stress that a photo contest is not the same as an image contest. If the photo you present contains information in the data file that wasn't there when you "snapped" the picture then most likely you have an image and not a photo. Or, to put it another way your "photo" has been doctored up to contain visual data that wasn't there in the original photo to begin with. I'm not taking about simply using software to enhance the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, or color balance. I'm taking about merging two image files together, or making the background of your photo file transparent then merging a background from some other photo or image file, or deciding you'll use software to add a texture to the background. If this is an image contest then that is fine. But I think this is a photo contest. With the exception of enhancing the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, or color balance of the photo the background behind the firearm should remain as it was "snapped".

Please let me know if this is an image contest or photo contest. Just need to know the rules that's all.
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