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Originally Posted by Doogle
People may wish to consider...>...that not including an inline image and/or making the image too large may both mitigate against their chances of success in such a contest.

If you don't have an image display some people may not bother clicking a link to view it.

Displaying an image that is too large, and requires people to scroll around to see it all, reduces the visual impact of the image as a whole.
I agree and I've always considered these disadvantages to be self-imposed by the contestant.

I thought the text within images issue had been resolved, and it was to be allowed.
It has been resolved ... it's now come back up for discussion. I don't think it's fair to you, the contestants, for me to keep making changes to the rules based on the last post here, so I'm not making any more changes on-the-fly. This needs to be settled and I'm just reading all this discussion for now. I'd like to see a fairness to the contestants and a fairness to the theme of the contest be part of any more changes.

I would question whether the inline image and image size rule changes are really necessary.
I too don't necessarily agree with a size change to the rules as a requirement to enter. That has always has been a "tip" as in, "If you want your entry to be easily viewed, then make it easy to view." Then, so is the issue of whether an inline image is used versus an attachment the same: not a requirement. So far, we've let the contestant decide how much trouble he/she takes in order to make their entry easily viewable. Another self imposed disadvantage, if you will.
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