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Michael Taylor of Cleveland Ohio Stole from me and frequents this board

This guy stole money from myself and 2 others.
He had items posted in the for sale area of
I have reason to believe he has moved to this board now

Michael Taylor

This guy had items posted in the handgun section.
I sent him money for a Colt Agent.
He first claimed he sent the handgun on the 10th of July.
After not recieving it I repeatedly asked for tracking info.
He then tells a story about impounded firearms and shiping mishaps.
End result is he will refund money.
No money ever recieved.
He claims he has supporting documents for all his excuses but is unwilling to provide them.

I have filed a complaint locally and am in the process of filing one in Ohio.

Do not send this guy money.
I have lost my $370 but dont want anyone else to get ripped off.
There are 2 other members here that were taken by the same guy and I hope to see them post as well.


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