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This is my first post and since im a new member i figured I'll just post here till i get to know my way around, please dont flame me haha.
i own a Remington 700 SPS in .223 with the 26" barrel. Currently have a barska 6-24X50 scope on it and a bipod. Currently using Hornady TAP FPD Vmax 55 gr. ammo and have been getting mixed results. Just wondering if anyone has experiance with this particular ammo and rifle combo etc.. The scope came off my marlin 917v .17 hmr the gun was driving dime sized groups in stock condition. Im also wondering if theres any otc ammo that ppl recommend in the reasonable price range. Ive heard good things ablout black hills but cant seem to find it in stock on any sites. I plan on upgrading to a leupold in the near futute when money permits it.

(Comment from Staff: jokeandcolor, this isn't a discussion thread. If you noticed, no members are responding to introductions here. You question is perfectly legit, but you need to go to, I'd say, the Art of the Rifle forum to get your best answers for this question. Welcome to TFL.)
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