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Hi All, from Danny in Cape Town

Hi All,

My apologies for the late introduction, but only saw this page yesterday.

I do realize that this is long overdue, but I stumbled upon the reloading forum and been postig there most of the time, and never really had a good look at the rest of the forums.

I am 46, married and have a 10 YO boy.

I am active in IDPA, Pin-Shooting, Metallic Silouhette and both myself and my wife hunt regularly. (my boy shoots with my 0.22's )

I am Israeli, served several years as an infantry officer, and currently live in Cape Town - South Africa.

Bad news here is that you need a license for each firearm ( used to take 6 weeks, not it can take up to 18 months )
Good news, you are allowed to carry concealed to 99% of places, PLENTY places to go hunting, fishing etc.

Other than that, all 3 of us LOVE horses.

So far I have found TFL to be the most informative forum, there are a lot of people with vast amount of klnowledge that they are willing to share and also with a great sense of humor, keep it up!



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