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"My CLEAN bench!"


I enjoyed your contribution to this thread thoroughly, pictures and the description of them. It looks like home to me. The sort of place that lets the world go by, while you're in it. My last home (in Michigan) had a very large garage with a bench from one end to the other. Most of the bench was utilized for messy stuff like fixing mowers, weed-eaters, my wife's flower potting and my daughter's sidewalk chalk and watercolors. But, at the far end was a six foot section I made from an old church bench that was designated as "clean projects only!" So I understand your "bench" terminology. However, when you stated that "this is my clean bench" above the photograph of a bench so cluttered that it's hard to tell what color the top is, I laughed my self to tears. You have made my evening. Please, no offense was meant, I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for sharing your little piece of heaven. Good evening.
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