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I'm glad they do have a training class here in Florida. Since Obama has been elected , every yahoo and their sister has applied for a ccw permit. I cant Imagine turning all these people loose on the streets with out at least the basic fundamentals of firearms training. Think I would stay inside and lock the doors.
I do have to say that I'm against a legal requirement but I think its only responsible for those that are new to firearms to take a course or get some instruction from a willing and knowledgeable friend. I had safety and the legalities built into me by a former Marine who was a lawyer and consider myself lucky to have gotten such instruction at an early age. I think its up to all of us to "pay it forward" and educate others about safety (and the fun of shooting).

I must say that I didn't expect as much of a response to this question. Its an intriguing question since there are bills in the GA legislature to require training and the only reason I'd think about supporting them would be to have SC recognize a Georgia permit.
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