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Originally Posted by rzach

I agree 100%
And I disagree. Time will tell.

In any case we still have training requirements in a number of states, and the lack of comparable training requirements in some other states prevents CCWs from those other states from being honored in certain states with training requirements. The states with training requirements aren't going to abandon them, nor is it likely that the political and demographic circumstances in those states would support recognition of CCWs from states without training requirements. Also, while national reciprocity legislation has been kicking around Congress for a bunch of years, it still hasn't gotten anywhere.

Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
...I postulate that one might worry about the Black Swan case - rare but intense....
A good point. We need to remember the limited predictive value of the so called "empirical evidence" of the past. As they say in the sale of investments, "Past performance is no guarantee of future results." And much economic, political and social history has been shaped by random events inconsistent with things that have happened previously.

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