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Texas has a fairly substantial training requirement with an all day course and shooting test of 50 rounds. That's not a true tactical experience but it is more than most and we are pretty good on gun rights.

Except for parking lot and work laws - where the property rights (oh, liability) hounds howl in the night. Flame on -

As far as I can see there is no evidence that training states have a better safety record. However, that is totally confounded by the demographics of the CCW/CHL population - usually responsible and older.

Extreme training and fees - which we don't have, is proposed as a way to keep down the permit numbers. As is the use of extensive property and location bans.

We do have some cases of CCW holders doing tactically stupid things but these are small numbers. Should they drive the conversation?

Gun laws are on an upturn of liberalization (how about dat for a word?) but some horror show can turn that around. Conservative politicians aren't necessarily friends of the SD and AR crowd - or of civil liberties (here comes the Army to arrest you - Yoo, Yoo! - clever pun here).

Thus, we can't really tell if the requirements help. I know from research that most TX CHLs and heavily trained folks are not blood in the street vigilantes.

My bottom line - is that - a course on laws and common sense are OK. The shooting test - iffy on that. I've researched a bit and found that the failure rate on the shooting test and written test in TX is pretty low - about 1% - and reshoots with a little help from the teacher get most through.

If reasonable measures, like TX, get a CCW law passed in the remaining 10 states - go for it. The GOA absolutist position on such is real world counterproductive.

I also reiterate my position that getting training is a good thing and you should if you talk the talk. While it may be the case that most incidents are resolved by waving the gun and the BG fleeing - I postulate that one might worry about the Black Swan case - rare but intense. It is clear from the training lit that emergency actions don't come automatically to all and training does help.
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