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I'm torn on this one but, in the end, I don't have a problem with some training. I learned alot about the legal part of concealed carry and got some real world advice.

I didn't need it much for shooting, loading, safe handling, etc., but for legal stuff I was pretty deficient.

So, I guess I fall into the "yes" camp. But I remain torn on this one.

ETA: FWIW, I had "one-on-one" training and after the instructor saw how I handled guns, etc., he devoted the VAST majority of his instruction towards legal facts and issues. I'm glad we had that discussion and training. I personally needed it IMHO.

Also, he was a very good shot, so I got some good pointers on how to practice, etc. Overall it was a pleasant experience for me. I'm glad I took his class with only him and I attending.

(He said something at the very end of the class when I brought him home after going to the range: "I want you to be confident in the fact that you are a competent shot and will hit what you are aiming at". Man, that made me feel good and gave me confidence for the future of my concealed carry. I needed an instructor to judge whether I was a good enough shot to protect myself, family, etc. My head got about as big as a basketball when he said that. But, of course, he said, in so many words, "now don't get a big head over what I just told you about your shooting ability". I ain't a great shot but you guys get what I mean about the "confidence builder" from a pro.)

So, even though I have a problem with "forced" training, the experience was a good one IMHO. I learned legal stuff and the instructor gave me confidence in my ability to shoot after all these years. (I'm sounding kind of wishy washy aren't I. )

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