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I've read through these many posts showing people's reloading outfits; all very interesting. One of my favorites is the guy in Sweden who is set up in the attic of his building. His bench is right under the roof. I can picture him sitting there reloading while the rain is pelting down on the roof.

Since I've looked at everyone else's, I may as well open up as well. Of the others, I've admired some, laughed at some, and so on, so now you guys can laugh at mine.

I mostly reload in the garage, although I have a bench set up in our rec room adjacent to the garage. I prefer to reload standing, and that's how my garage set-up is arranged. The bench in the rec room is for reloading sitting down and I rarely use it.

My garage space is used for more than reloading. I do automotive work in there occasionally, but I have a separate bench for the dirty stuff, like working on generators, starters, alternators, setting up differentials, etc. Carburetor work is different; needs a very clean area. So, I have the "dirty bench" and the "clean bench". The latter is mostly used for reloading but I do other things there like soldering, electrical work, tinkering, and of course the occasional carb. work. I know it says in the reloading manuals that you should use an area that is dedicated to reloading only, so I guess I'm in violation of the rule. I do have my stuff functionally organized in batches, but not all together. As a rule, it is located as to size, shape, and volume of the items.

Parked right behind my reloading bench is a 1966 Ford Fairlane ex-cop car, which has a very flat hood. It makes a very nice shelf for auxiliary work; for example, I have my rifle vise on it for cleaning. I put stuff there temporarily for projects that I'm working on. The leading edge of the hood also serves as a butt-rest while I'm reloading.

I don't store any powder or primers in the garage, and only a small quantity of ammo. That stuff I store in three cabinets in the rec. room adjacent. The garage isn't heated during the winter, but it's located under a heated part of the house and is well insulated and pretty well sealed when the doors are closed. The coldest I've ever seen it in there is 42 degrees F. Because as a room it isn't tied into the house heating system (electric or wood stove), naturally it gets more humid in there than the house. It never gets wet in there, but I have a dehumidifier I can use if I want to. Actually, this hot time of the year is when the humidity is highest.


Wall of garage with reloading supplies and equipment on shelves. My two little brother cats Jimmy and Jaspurr follow me around everywhere, including into the garage. They are the same gray color as rats, and are very difficult to see in subdued light.

My clean work bench where I do most of my reloading.

This is a closer view of the bench. I've included this to show how I mount my powder measure. I have it mounted on a piece of 5/8 inch plywood, which I then clamp to the bench. This makes it easy to take it off when not in use, and also easier to dump the powder back out of it. I also have done the same with my Hornady case trimmer. More or less permanently mounted to the bench are an RCBS Rock Chucker II press, a Lyman 450 bullet sizer/luber with a heater, and a Lee Zip-Trim case trimmer. I also have a bench vise mounted on the far end.

I've got a Lyman Turbo tumbler sitting on the floor. I don't tumble now as much as I used to. Mostly, I use Birchwood-Casey chemical case cleaner and water. Once in a while, I might tumble a batch of pistol cases that I've sized with steel dies.

I keep an ample supply of cottage cheese containers on hand, as these are useful for sorting and storing.

I have a nearly unused Lee Classic Cast press mounted on the low bench in the rec room. The fact that I don't use it much is to say nothing against the press; I just don't like to load sitting in there very much. The fact that all my other stuff is in the garage doesn't help me change the pattern either.

My bullet casting stuff is stored in the garage with my reloading gear, but I don't do any casting indoors. For that, I use an old picnic table outside back of the rec room. I mostly limit my casting chores to "good weather" periods and just stock up for when I cannot cast.

I looks like a disorganized dump, but I know where everything is and I haven't blown myself up yet in 30 years of metallic handloading.
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