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Because something "happens" doesn't make it a problem.
If you have an island with 50 people and you have 10 murders in a year then you have a problem. If you have 300 million people and you have 10 or 20 or 50 incidents a year then you do NOT have a problem. The more people you have the more incidents you will have, in direct proportion. Unless the probability of an incident increases disproportionately to the population then there is no serious cause for concern.

True, but that's not a valid argument against education.
Sometimes it is. There have been any number of things that have always happened throughout our entire history, not the USA, mankind. Does anyone seriously believe that there weren't unjustified and illegal killings when everybody carried swords? Now we carry guns and stupid people continue to do stupid things.

The question is, does it happen in numbers that are unacceptably disproportionate to the population? The answer is no.

Another point, DWI used to be a TRUE epidemic. We instituted all kinds of advertising, terrible legal and monetary consequences, severe jail time and guess what, it went down. Did it go away? No, not even close. Every single person that drives drunk is fully aware of the legal and other consequences of their actions. Does it stop them?
Why was the money and time spent on DWI worth it? It was worth it because it was near epidemic proportions.
Shootings by otherwise law abiding citizens are most certainly NOT anywhere even remotely approaching "epidemic" levels. The problem is almost entirely isolated to that same sort of small population of people who continue to drive drunk despite the education and consequences.

On top of all that, we have the cost of such mandated training. If it would have cost me another $500 to be able to get my handgun permit then I would have almost certainly not done it. If I had needed that kind of money to buy guns of any kind then I probably wouldn't have them at all. That would be a serious breach of my rights. Making the price of a right outside the means of the people is no different than denying the right.
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