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Fact is, I'd be wrong [in saying "this could be dangerous, we need to mandate some training"] because it's not a new thing and there isn't a problem and my assumption that there might be a problem would be incorrect.
Technically true that it isn't a "new" thing, but in practice, it is rather new in most states. There are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of permit holders who have started carrying in the last few years. I'm one of them.

And there's a great deal of anecdotal evidence, much of it demonstrated in posts on this and similar fora, that a large number of people (who may or may not actually have guns, and who have undoubtedly not received training) have claimed to believe that they can lawfully shoot to protect property, shoot someone who attempts to flee, shoot someone who refuses their "command" to "get on the ground," etc. There are people who have claimed to believe the best thing to do in the event of an incident of self defense is to ensure that a person is dead and cannot testify. There are people who who have claimed to believe that it's advisable to shoot through opaque barriers at what they think to be perps they believe to be threatening them. There are people who have claimed to believe it's OK to point a gun at people for a variety of reasons other than immediate defense against imminent danger, and even to shoot people who seem threatening to them in some way.

"Might" there be a problem? Well, there's no central database, and you cannot "Google" for the facts.

And---should enough issues ultimately manifest themselves, one likely result is the abridgment of our rights.

We do know about the couple in Texas who fired at and hit innocent people driving on a nearby levee. We know about the guy in Oregon who killed the man his wife found on the couch. We know about the man who went out and shot the youth who was breaking into cars in New York State and who has been charged with manslaughter. We know about the guys who recently tried to stop someone from making off with someone else's bag and got into a mess. We know about the guy in Texas who has just been charged with murder for shooting a person running from his house. We know about the guy who armed himself and went outside to "investigate" a noise and ended up losing an arm and his livelihood. And I know about someone who just went out with a rifle.... How many others have there been?

Do you think these folks would like to have had some training?

Do I favor mandatory "training"? I favor results, and if that means mandatory education, so be it.
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