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7inch AR-15

I recently purchased a 7inch pistol at a gun show with the intention of making it an SBR (currently mulling thru the paperwork). Its a rock river a4 upper with a DPMS lower. everything stock and new except low pro gas block and CAR length quad rail. After i purchased it i ofcourse went looking thru the internet for ideas about what i wanted to do with it. I have noticed a lot of people complaining about any AR with less than 10.5 inch barrel not being reliable and prone to problems. does anyone have such a set up and had problems with it? anything i can do? also what can i hope for accuracy wise? I am anxious to start the break in on it but would appreciate any input on what i have gotten myself into with such a short barrel.

also on the form 1. I dont live in city limits...should i get county sheriff office to sign off? or will closest city (same as address on DL) be good?

thanks for the help!
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