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This took all of 5 seconds...

From yahoo answers, the guy seems to know what he's talking about.

Fortunately for you VA is one of the 36 states that allow unlicensed civilians to own silencers. But they do prohibit them if they are not registered with the feds.… . I was not able to find any VA laws requiring additional VA registration requirements or permits, but you can do more research here; . There are only two forms to fill out plus fingerprints. A good silencer greatly reduces noise and they are a real blast to use. WA is the only one of the 36 states that allow ownership but bans use.

Federal law has additional requirements however. While ATF authorization is required, it is routine and never denied as long as the paperwork is fill out correctly. There is also a $200 tax paid for each silencer made or transferred by unlicensed civilians.

Two good forums for info are and . To purchase a silencer, just go to an FFL/SOT, one of the ones listed here,… or another in your state. Pick out and pay for the silencer, then the dealer will give you two ATF form 4’s that you bring to your local sheriff for a signature. If the sheriff will not sign then you can form a trust to own the silencer for you. You also need to fill out form 5330.20 attesting to your US citizenship. The dealer will ensure the forms are filled out correctly and send them to the ATF along with your fingerprints (2 cards), mug shots and your check for $200. It takes about 2 months for approval now. Good luck.
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