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I know its an older gen can, but these things arent exactly advancing by leaps and bounds
As I wasn't present on the testing incidents you're referring to, I won't touch the other points.

However - and this is a big deal - AAC improves almost every model they have at least once a year. My 2008 762SD was significantly different, and quieter, then a friend's 2006 762SD. My 2008 M4-1000 is quieter and somewhat heavier (probably much more robust) than the 2005 I test-shot at my dealer's house.

The Evo-45 2008 model I have is quieter than their 2006 model - I shot them side-by-side both with 5mL of water, mine on my HK USP-T, the 2006 on my dealer's HK USP-T.

Just thought I'd throw my $.02 in regarding the innovation in this field.
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