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I cant dispute your argument of the construction on the G5 can. But, no where on their website does it say welded this or that in the G5. As for that video where the Gemtech sales rep talks about welded this and that, I put very lil stock in the words of a salesman, especially whos background i know nothing of.

In this video, a M4-1000 looked like it didnt survive 1 round of the test. I know its an older gen can, but these things arent exactly advancing by leaps and bounds. So how come this AAC can failed?

And vid1 shows the test indoors, guys in T-shirts, with static air. But most importantly, its on a 10.5" barrel, unlike the AAC M4-1000 can on what looked like a carbine length barrel, out doors, with guys wearing jackets.

Did the lil kid at the end of vid2 call the test in vid 1 BS? lol Cause it sure looked like they reproduced the test outdoors on a 10.5" colt commando setup and the G5 looked as good as it was before the test.

In the end, i still dont buy that the G5 is an inferior can. When they get 2 of the same guns under the same conditions testing 2 different cans, id be more privy to believe these types of vids.
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