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Out of our 16" carbines, the G5 was significantly more quiet thent he M4-1000 and a hair quieter then the Phantom. It also has the quickest detach/attach bi-lock.
I never said it wasn't quiet. As far as suppression, people seem to like the G5. I was just pointing out that it has serious design deficiencies when it comes to durability.

That AAC video is propaganda, every suppressor fired rapid enough will eventually self destruct. When you need to unleash 500 rnds in 10 mins and not only 450 from your AR, then maybe its worth losing sleep at night.
Then please refute the points the video makes. Explain the complete lack of structural welds. Did they disappear with the rapid firing? The use of roll pins and titanium for a high-stress/high temp environment. Roll pins are something you rarely see even in Form 1 garage cans. (My washer baffle TAC-16 doesn't even use them.) The use of a pinned inconel insert instead of a full inconel blast baffle.

There is also the other video I posted where the G5 is clearly puking its guts partway through the first round.

The military really doesn't openly release the test results of it's suppressor testing, they always refer to the different test samples using numbers. From what I have read, even the top contenders suffered damage from the test, but they survived while maintaining suppressability and without catastrophic damage.

The point is that the G5 may be a quiet can, but it most certainly is not a mil-spec can as Gemtech claims and one would be ill advised to put it on anything more than a bolt gun.
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