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Political Philosophy - No Dems or Reps

I have a political philosophy - read my signature for a hint. But it seems like most of America doesn't. OK, very general swipes here but this isn't a 500 page dissertation.

Why do we say Republicans believe in small government when they support corporate welfare but not social welfare. The Democrats are the exact opposite. Basically, both steal from me and give to someone who didn't earn it. One gives to companies, the other to individuals. Either way, my daughter will not attend an Ivy League college because the Dems force me to pay for someone elses health care and the Reps force me to pay to keep a defunk business out of bankruptcy.

Personally, I vote Libertarian. I respect others' rights to their opinions. I'm wondering why you vote differently. What is your philosophy?

Not interested in "I don't vote Libertarian because they can't win." or any other 'lesser of two evils' type comment. I'm curious what PHILOSOPHY drives decisions to vote Dem or Rep.
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