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Willie your script at the bottom of your post is incorrect as you cannot silence a mid to hi power centerfire rifle round. By silence I mean as the Oxford conscice dictionary states "silent" meaning no audible noise. I have seen no so called silencers that could truly make a weapon silent, hell even a blow pipe makes a noise. However you can suppress them and get the sound level down usually by at least 60% sometimes more, I don't know why people insist on using the word silent or silence when their rifles are not. Would your "silenced" rifle stand up to a test with a sound level meter to show that it was truly silent, I seriously doubt it. Even taking into account the supersonic speed of the bullet if you took a blank cartridge and put it in the rifle would it still be silent then, I don't think so.
I had a friend used to say he bought something that was brand new reconditioned and that reminds me a lot about the words silence as used in suppressor. Just poor use of the English language. Either something is truly silent or it is not there are no half measures, your weapon is suppressed or sound moderated.
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