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I can't recommend a mauser action rifle in .308. I had 2 FR-8's in the past and one israeli K98 converted to .308, all of them had issues with feeding because the mauser 98 was made for long cartridges - the 8x57mm. The .308's are too short too work everytime putting the legendary mauser 98 action reliability to shame.
Never heard about problems with the .30-06 mausers.- the 06 is even a tad longer than the 8x57 and works pretty good.

While the Fr-8 is a nice little and very accurate bolt action carbine I had several cases where the the .308 cartridge did not slip into the extractor claw, I couldnt lock the bolt and I thought '' What the hell?''. Of course you cant chamber a round with a 98 action if it didnt engage ''controlled feed''. So I had to punch the round out of the chamber with a cleaning rod. So far, so bad.

Then a round entered the chamber so steep that it got stuck at the barrel wall. (Yes, all three of them had the additional feeding ramp)
Nothing helped, pushing the rounds as back as possible in the magazine didnt help aswell as putting them a little bit foward.
That was enough, sold my 2 FR-8's and the israeli K98. I dont like jamming firearms.

I am perfectly happy with my original K98k's in 8x57, never ever had a jam in years of shooting them and the 8x57 whacks the target much harder than any .308.
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