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You don't normally get that close to a bear, JavaBum...

... the bear gets that close to you.

Bears run faster than people do. Bears have a better sense of smell than people do. Bear encounters often happen in areas where visibility is limited, which makes sense because if you saw it a ways off you'd probably avoid it.

The only way you get close to a bear is if it's a cub, in which case look out for Mama. Even cubs will usually try to avoid you.

If the rangers are looking for a "dangerous" bear, I'm sure they do so with big caliber rifles or shotguns. For normal, day to day work, they said they and their biologists favor spray and sticks.

Note: around Mt Mitchell, typical black bear weights would run #200-400. The record in the region is close to #800, but again that's a record. How big are the blackies in Colorado?
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