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In regards to re-adjusting when you change calibers---NO.

Once you get it timed it should be good to go unless/until it drifts off and you will begin to notice that either the cases don't quite sit in the shell plate smoothly or you don't get a smooth entry into the size/decap die.

If/when that occurs use the previously outlined guide to adjusting that you should have printed off this site and GENTLY--SLOWLY-GINGERLY adjust.

Unless you are like me and just wanted to see what happens when you turn the pawls all the way one way or another and lock it up! go slow!.

I love my LnL and just upgraded to the Ez Ject sub-plate for 30 bucks from Hornady and it is as smooth as a baby's bottom. No more wire to suffer through with small caliber pistol rounds.

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