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Darwin Awards: Hitting any Bear on the Nose with anything

I personally want to have popcorn and soda ready and a chair to watch whoever is going to whack a bear on the nose with anything. Truly invisions "Darwin Awards," material.

If and when I hunt and it is allowed in the state I am in, I carry a Para Ord Wart Hog .45 with +P Hardball. It is small, not that heavy and a very good comfort when you set the rifle down to take a crap, eat lunch, dress out the game, sleep etc.

My friend in Montana, who owns a horse pack-in camp has a sign at the lodge that says "You are FOOD, be prepared to defend yourself." and recomends levels of that defense or survival. Rifle, Pistol, ammo, Bear Blast Spray, Sheath knife, folding knife, local map & compass, survival kit w/first aid kit.....and the ability to climb and swim.

If you don't stand behind our troops, then how about you standing in front of them. Next time you see a vet or active duty USA Military person, just say thank you, they will know what it is for.
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