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I think where a lot of the arguments come from is when people say their weapons are silenced, this happens to be my pet hate. Silence(d) is a poor choice of a word as there has probably never been a silencer made that was totally silent and by this I mean having a weapon discharged in a silent enviroment and not being able to detect a sound from four feet away or for that matter doing a decibel check in a chamber with a sound level meter. Silent, silenced or for that matter silencer are words I choose not to use. I have fired plenty of suppressed weapons and a few were real quiet but none of them were totally silent so lets call them what they are, suppressors or sound moderators.
I get the impression this silencer thing is a bit like car dealers selling a car for $24,995 in stead of $25,000 or saying the glass is half full instead of half empty. Silence(d)(r) means exactly that, ie no noise.
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