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I have looked at a lot of information about forensic ballistics, how it was invented, how the computer database system is fantastic/terrible, how the lands and grooves are etched onto the bullet as it rifles down the barrel, and so on, but I have not seen any statistics about how often a bullet can be matched to a gun.

I have also noticed that most of the information on the internet is from ballistics professionals who have a vested interest in promoting the idea that ballistics forensics is useful and works great. I have not been able to find one study that looked at the actual usefulness of the process in contrast to the conditions of the bullets that are dug out of bodies, walls, cars...

I just cannot find out whether there are millions of bullets with perfect identification marks just waiting to be matched up with a gun, or whether 99% of bullets recovered are so deformed that they could not be matched even when the gun is known?
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