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The small ring Mauser is a "strong" action, but it lacks the gas handling properties of the M98 action. You could shoot full power 308 loads in a small ring Mauser like a 1916 and be fine UNTIL two things happened.

First, lug setback in the soft receiver steel causes excess headspace to develop.

Second, excess headspace coupled with brittle brass causes a case failure.

I've seen new factory 30-06 cartridges break in half because of excess headspace. They didn't split at the neck, they broke in half almost two thirds towards the base of the cartridge. Luckily it was an m98 and I didn't lose and eye. When there is a case failure in a small ring Mauser some of that hot gas will be directed back into the shooters eyes and face.

The small ring Mausers are plenty strong, the Swedes chambered their quality m96 actions in many potent rounds, the 8x57 among them. But even the m96 lacks the gas handling features of the m98.

Machine guns are awesome until you have to carry one.
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