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Joe Rush
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I'm currently renting but about to buy a house in North West Louisiana.
Have a quick question, I notice alot of pics seem to be man caves in garages. . .Should I have any reservations building a new man cave for my reloading in my new garage keeping in mind NE Louisiana's hot humid summers or would the powder and primers be okay?
I live in the Four States area in NE Texas. All of my equipment is set up in my garage. I keep my powder inside the house for storage, but my primers stay in the garage and havn't had any problems out of them. If it is realy humid (say above 85%) when I'm ready to reload, I just poor up just about the amount that I think I need and leave the rest inside. I would suggest to keep a light oil on your arbor press rod so it dosn't rust, but be mindful of what you lube up. You can get the silicon moisture eater pack to keep in your die cases also.
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