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Al Norris
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Apb (bolo)

The following list is the username and email addy of a particularly irritating person. They are all the same person:

Duke12861 --> [email protected]
lolilul --> [email protected]
jim6298 --> [email protected]
jim7676 --> [email protected]
ClevelandMale --> The[email protected] (using the [email protected] email address in posts)
NeOhioGuy1 --> [email protected]
MaleNearCleveland --> [email protected]
WayneOhio1 --> [email protected] (used the [email protected] email address in posts)

This person always offers some firearms to B/S/T, but refuses all offers. Wants to meet FTF east of Cleveland. Wants you to go and B/S/T firearms at a local gun show. Always wants to B/S/T AR-15's and 1911's. Always posts his email addy for contact.

Be on the Lookout for anyone meeting the above description and report him immediately to the mods.

Thank you for your co-operation.
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