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I would appreciate it if you could offer your explanation on both subjects. You obviously have knowledge about this issue, but all you offer in your post, I am sure inadvertently, is snide criticism. Thanks.

Sir, It was not meant to be "snide" I can assure you. I realize you are new here, and perhaps new to firearms, and self defense laws. If this is not the case, then accept my apologies, but I know there is an influx of "new" gun owners, and I cringe at the thought that some folks just don't know.

Your interpretation of the castle laws is, at best, simplistic.
The laws are not meant to be a "I get to shoot and nobody gets to second-guess me" defense. It just does not work that way. When you shoot someone anywhere, whether it be inside your home, or outside, your actions will be second, third, and fourth guessed by LE, the DA, the media, etc. These laws, in no way, limit your culpability should the evidence prove that you were outside the law. Again, I suggest that you spend whatever monies you can to consult with a legal adviser in your area, he might well be able to help you understand your rights, and liabilities. I mean this in the most sincere way.
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