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Better we should all pay a portion of our wages to insurance companies, and have our property replaced by them if something should happen to it, than to defend it (and ourselves?) with a gun, right?

Sorry, but that is two questions which you have "intertwined" One should have no bearing on the other.

"Property" insurance is just that, it is there to replace "things". A firearm serves only one purpose, "Living" insurance.

Did you understand the difference between having a simple possession stolen and having the effort and sacrifice made to acquire it stolen?
I understand that one of those things is tangible, the other subjective.

How do you put a value on time ? By equating that time with your per-hour pay ? Fair enough. Then ponder this;

Which hours are of more "value" to you, the ones you are getting paid for, or the ones you are not ?

Which minutes reward you more, the ones spent making cash, or the ones you spend at your leisure?

While time is a finite "commodity" for us all, equating it with material possessions is not possible. At least not for me.
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