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So what if, hypothetically, I am lower middle class and someone is stealing my car. I don't have the money to insure my junker. If I lose that car I can not get to work. No work and I can't make my mortgage payment or rent payment. I can't buy groceries. I can't buy clothes for my kids to go to school in and not look like trash.

I drive a company vehicle that is well insured and if someone stole it I would not even be tempted to take a shot at them, but in the above circumstance I am not sure my reaction would be the same. Simplifying it out to "it is just property" is a little idealistic in my book. Maybe we should have nationalized other than collision coverage on our automobiles...
We hung horse thieves
Exactly. Not b/c of the horses value, but b/c when you took a horse you were leaving that person unemployed in many cases.

I'm guessing that most of us will attempt to stop the person or people doing this until the police can arrive, but in doing so there is the chance that the thief will attempt to secure escape by harming the home owner. In that case force is justified.
Not only am I not going to attempt to detain the person, i am going to try to give them an escape route. Even if I were to detain them and not get charged for anything or sued they still aren't going to jail for any appreciable time. I just want them out of my house and to make it very clear it is not a good house to come back to.
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