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There once was a time....

long, long ago, in a country that seems far, far away now.....
When shooting someone to protect your property was not only allowed, it was considered right and proper. The name of that country was the United States!

We hung horse thieves, and cattle rustlers. We shot bank robbers and bandits! And the general belief at the time was that if an innocent man got caught up in the wheels of justice and suffered as a result, that was the price of doing business, keeping the bad men in check. My how times (and attitudes) have changed!

Of course, there was no FDIC then, ther was no homeowners insurance then. IF someone took your money or your property, it was just plain gone!

Better we should all pay a portion of our wages to insurance companies, and have our property replaced by them if something should happen to it, than to defend it (and ourselves?) with a gun, right?
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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