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Which is my point in my post.

Often times large details are left out in news reports. Did the story owner chase down and kill the thief to take back the stolen item? Or did they run out to make the person come back or get their plate number and get stuck in a situation where it was the option of kill or be killed.

Like if someone is ransacking your home. What do you do? I'm guessing that most of us will attempt to stop the person or people doing this until the police can arrive, but in doing so there is the chance that the thief will attempt to secure escape by harming the home owner. In that case force is justified.

Say I hear a noise downstairs, I have no real reason to thing its anything more then a animal tearing at the door. But like everyone else I also carry along whatever firearm is available. I get downstairs and flip on a light and guess what three guys are working at taking the TV out, I tell them to stop and stay still, one grabs a crowbar and starts coming at me.

Am I shooting for my tv or my life?

I would not have gone down stairs to meet a group of criminals in hopes of stopping them, I don't really like my TV that much either, heck I planed to replace it for all I care they can take it now and save me the effort. But odds are in that situation someone is going to be dead in a few mins maybe a couple of people.

Situations change quickly.
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