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That is a great illustration. I think I personally would place less value on those. And there you go ... it should naturally lead to wondering if any of those "things" are worth a life. Maybe just a butt-whipping! That still isn't a response to the question, though. What if you aren't the winner of a lottery and have not been the subject of a large inheritance? Your examples are worth consideration, but so are mine. And I asked first.

Seriously, I think earlier generations may have viewed it differently and considered all property the same. Did they have lotteries say back in the eqrly 1900s, late 1800s?. 'Never thought of an inheritance as anything like a lottery hit. Since the chain of events are started with a violation committed against an individual by another individual, some would consider armed response a matter of principle.

So, on the other side of the argument, with a promise of no threat of harm, as long as you obey a command to sit still and issue no challenge, would you/could you sit and watch your house being emptied while you wait for the police to respond?
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