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Get caught doing this in Tx-straight to jail you go.With all the coyotes in the world-why shoot dogs.If its a matter of dogs roaming your property-then catch them in live traps and release them elsewhere.JMO
My mom's suffering from a similar issue with dogs. They aren't feral, but instead belong to a neighbor. They've attacked her livestock, yet trying to prove that is pretty tough.

They've also shown aggression towards my mother and her husband.

We've contacted animal control...twice; two days between the two calls. We were also told by them that one of the best ways to deal with it was to just shoot the offending dog(s).

Trapping a dog and then releasing it elsewhere only puts the problem elsewhere for someone else to deal with. That is, if it doesn't come back. Leaving a dog to survive in the wild isn't a good option, no matter how "warm and fuzzy" it may make one feel about not shooting it. One of these dogs is a pit bull, so where should we turn it loose? Want it near YOUR house, so it can come play with your kids?

No? I didn't think so.

I don't know about tx, but Arizona's laws on such things are pretty unambiguous. If the dog is loose and causing damage to livestock, or threatening people, then you can and should "end the threat" by doing away with the dog.

And bear in mind that I love dogs. I have 5 of my own, and each one of them is, right now at this moment (without me having to look) in their kennel minding their own business and not causing problems for my neighbors.

I have little tollerance for dogs that run loose, chase livestock, and threaten young children and older ladies, while their owners do nothing to stop the problem. I don't have to wait for the dog to kill someone or their pet; I just end the threat it poses in the area.

If it stays home then there is no issue. I'll not call or bait if from it's own property. If it crosses the fenceline of it's own accord, then I end the threat. Again, there is no need to wait 'till the thing kills my mother or her animals.

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